Box IT

aircomms offers a Box IT service, a simple method of removing your redundant WEEE items.

Box IT using the attached inventory, list all items to be disposed of, including the manufacturers name and the model number print off 2 copies. Complete the waste Transfer note, print off 2 copies sign both, place a copy of the waste transfer note and the inventory in the box. Pack items in a ( at least triple wall cardboard) box. Ensure that sufficient packing is put in to ensure the items do not move around.the maximum box wt is 20Kgs. Seal the box with at least a double layer of tape. Notify aircomms of the consignment.

aircomms will send a courier to label, collect and transport to our collection centre

Constraints - No Cathode ray or back lit monitors to be sent as they are hazardous waste. All printers to have Toner cassettes removed and packed in sealable plastic bags. Good packing deters damage and keeps the item's value.

Residual value of WEEE items.

The nature of IT technology with it's speed of evolution gives rise to accelerated depreciation for many items of electronic equipment.

Value is lost for a number of reasons:-

  • Items are Legacy models; no longer in production.
  • Manufacturer no longer supports the technology of the items
  • Memory has been removed.
  • Chip sets have been removed.
  • Manufacturer licences are missing or are not transferable.
  • Software and firmware not upgradable.
  • Cost of rectifying faults excessive.
  • Cost of refurbishment
  • Cost of stocking and selling and accepting returns
  • Availability of market
  • External appearance
  • Limited market for Second User High End items.