When synchronization and real-time functionality are vital – for applications such as VoIP calls, Video Conferencing, and online collaboration tools – your customers need a connectivity solution with limited latency and reduced jitter. The answer is an Ethernet Circuit.

As a 21CN solution, it harnesses the capabilities of the latest MPLS platforms as its delivery mechanism. Your customers will benefit from the improvements in transmission quality over existing ATM-based services, such as ADSL. Broadband is good, but Ethernet is better.

Ethernet now presents a real alternative to multiple ISDN30 & ADSL circuits, allowing calls to be efficiently transited back to the core network without the inflexibility and expense of traditional fixed-line services.

Speed and power. Ethernet meets the need for ever-higher speeds as bandwidth-hungry applications multiply.

Scalability of Ethernet can expand as easily as your business does, and it not only provides point-to-point but also offers point-to-multipoint and fully meshed connectivity. Reliability and resilience. Less investment is required in support and back-up resources with guaranteed SLAs and SLGs.

Future Proof Investment of Ethernet is set to be the industry standard connectivity solution for many years to come. Customers can rest assured their investment will have a long product life and will form the foundations of future growth as and when required.

Replace outdated slower ISDN & ADSL services.
10Mbps to 10Gbps Ethernet Services.
Direct Internet Access.
Full SLA – 4 hours
Full SLG – Available
Fully Managed Cisco Router
Installation time 30-90 days
Free Installation in most cases on 3 years contracts

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