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If you need to take payments via your website, look no further. We will give you access to NetPay’s payment gateway allowing you to integrate payments directly into your existing website yourself, or if you prefer, we can set everything up for you. In most cases you are probably best using our integration service, please just fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page, and give us an idea of your requirements for more information.
If you are using WordPress, or one of the shopping cart applications shown on the revolving carousel above, then you can use one of our plugins to make integrating our payment gateway incredibly quick and simple. All we need to do is to provide you with a Merchant Account from First Data, the world’s leading provider of merchant solutions, and off you go. And you will be paying for transactions at a similar rate to most high-street retailers, not the vast premium that many online providers like PayPal and Stripe charge.You may also choose to use our hosted form solutions, all of which give you huge flexibility and seamless experience to your end-customer, but by virtue of the fact that card details are only ever “stored” on NetPay’s secure servers, your compliance obligations are significantly reduced. Just an hour’s online awareness course, fully managed and set up by us, is all you will need to do.If you have a more complex or bespoke requirement, then, of course, you may want to integrate using our API. This has implications for PCI DSS, which can you can read about in more detail below, but if you are aware of these issues, our API is easy to use, thoroughly well documented and you will have telephone access to our technical support team in Eastleigh to guide you through. This also means that you will be able to integrate features like scheduled payments, or secure links sent in an email or SMS, directly into your website or software application.If you are unsure about PCI DSS compliance, and want to take card payments in any way, then you must be aware of PCI DSS compliance and its implications for you. Please click on the link to PCI DSS in the main menu at the top of the page for a thorough explanation of what it is and what it may mean for you.

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