This is where the consumer inputs a password they have setup with that particular card. It adds an extra level of security to the transaction which if not used incurs additional premium charges. 3DS is used on all of our eCommerce transactions.


The AVS or Address Verification System uses the address details that are provided by your shopper to verify the address is registered to the card being used.  The checks on the AVS is not carried out by Net Pay but by the banks during the authorization process.  Both the address and the postcode numerical values are checked by the banks.

CVV/CVS checks

This is when the number on the signature strip on the back of the card is entered to verify that the actual card is being used, and not a stolen copy. CVV/CVS checks will automatically be requested to be part of your e-commerce solution.

Fraud Monitor

We are currently designing an enhanced fraud service that will check certain characteristics of all transactions such as the IP address of a computer that is being used to make an on-line transaction, or phone numbers that are being used to make a telephone payment.

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