Hosted VoIP Exchange

The VoIP Exchange solution has been designed to be user friendly, without sacrificing functionality and through this, to enable you to take your dynamic telephony needs into your own hands, requiring the use of external IT teams as little as possible.

As all of our partners are fully trained through our Voip Exchange Accreditation program, you can be assured that whether direct or through our channel, your installation and support will be of the highest standard.

Companies choosing to take their voice communications online are opting for a simple life. As with most things cloud-based you free yourself from the costly maintenance and upgrades to systems, equip yourself with a more feature rich system and reduce your on-going costs.

Going hosted is often favoured as it gives you more control, and can help you out in a sticky situation in terms of Disaster Recovery and also provides business flexibility through remote working.

Unlike other Hosted providers who commission their platform, due to building from the ground up, we are able to make dynamic changes, flexibility on demand.

Why Choose Voip Exchange:

Over time we have developed a strong reputation for reliable and secure services and solutions whilst still being cost effective and are trusted with the all of the highly demanding connectivity needs of several Formula One teams.

As an established key supplier within the Voice over IP market in the UK, Voip Exchangehas experienced teams able to design, deliver, install and support to a first class standard.

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